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Month: April 2018
20 Apr 2018


Plan builds upon ongoing reform efforts and provides road-map for increased safety, officer training, and public accountability

CHICAGO – Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson announced today the next steps in Departmental reform that emphasizes a commitment to better community policing, officer training, crisis intervention, supervision, officer wellness, and public accountability. To advance this effort, CPD has released its 2018 Next Steps for Reform framework that builds upon the original reform plan released in 2017. The 2018 plan will address many of the findings of both the Department of Justice as well as Mayor Emanuel’s Police Accountability Task Force (PATF).

“CPD is on a path to reform and we will address the challenges we face to provide better service to the City and better resources to our police officers,” said Superintendent Johnson. “The 2018 Next Steps for Reform framework is our continued promise to the communities we serve that CPD is serious about addressing the historical challenges we face. This year we will launch a re-imagined community policing plan, in-service training for every police officer, additional Crisis Intervention Training, and focus on officer wellness to ensure that as we make Chicago safer, we are building trust with Chicagoans in every neighborhood.”

Please CLICK HERE for more information about the CPD’s next steps on reform for 2018.

20 Apr 2018- CPD Lays Out Next Steps on Reform for 2018
18 Apr 2018

18 Apr 18-Community Alert-6th District Armed Robberies
This alert gives notice to four recent Armed Robberies that occurred within the boundaries of the 6th District in the Chatham neighborhood. In these cases, up to four male offenders displayed a handgun and demanded the victim’s belongings.  Two of the incidents involved victims arriving at the location to buy products from an online buy/sell ad.  The offenders then ran into apartment buildings located on the 900 block of East 81st street.

17 Apr 2018

17 Apr 18-Business Alert-11th District-Robbery- Delivery Drivers
There have been two robberies of delivery drivers in the 011th District (Harrison). These robberies have occurred on the same block by two offenders. In the first robbery, the offenders grabbed the food from the victim, while in the second robbery a weapon was displayed and the food was then taken by the offenders.

17 Apr 2018

17 Apr 18 Community Alert-Robberies-14th District
This alert gives notice to citizens in the 014th District of Armed Robberies that have occurred.  An unknown offender approaches victim(s) on the street, displays a weapon and demands property.  In two cases, the offender approaches the victim quietly from behind and in two cases the victims were in the vicinity of their vehicles at the time.


17 Apr 2018

17 Apr 2018 008th Dist Community Alert
On Monday, April 16th, 2018, at approximately 5:00 p.m., in the 3500 block of West 80th Place, an unknown male approached the victim from behind while she was partially inside her vehicle and attempted to sexually assault her. The offender fled east bound following the attempted assault.

16 Apr 2018

16 Apr 18-2nd District Burglaries P18-1-064(A) CA
This alert gives notice to citizens in the 2nd District (Wentworth) of burglary related incidents which occurred during the months of February, March, and April. In these incidents, offender(s) forcibly entered the location by damaging front doors, breaking a window, or entering without force, and took multiple household items.

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