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Month: April 2018
10 Apr 2018

10 Apr 18-Garage Burglaries 22nd District
This alert gives notice to residents of the Morgan Park (22nd) District of recent Garage Burglaries that have occurred in the Beverly neighborhood on beat 2213. In these incidents, offender(s) have forcibly entered residential garages taking property.  In the most recent incident, two male offenders were observed attempting to break into a garage using a pry tool.

6 Apr 2018

06 Apr 18 P18-1-096BA Burglary Alert- 1st District
This alert gives notice to businesses operating in the 001st District (Central) of burglary related incidents during the month of March and April. The offender is gaining accesses to a business office with various pry tools.  Once inside, the offender takes numerous laptop computers, an iPad and USC.  These incidents have occurred during overnight hours in the general geographical locations listed below

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