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Month: November 2020
23 Nov 2020
23 Nov 20 - Business Alert - 10th District - Armed Robbery - P204056BA

This alert gives notice to ride share operators operating in the 010th District (Ogden) of robbery incidents which have occurred during the month of NovemberIn these incidents offenders order ride share, display or imply a handgun and demand/take victim’s vehicle from the victim by force. These incidents have occurred in the geographical locations listed below.

20 Nov 2020
20 Nov 20 - Business Alert - 25th District - Robbery - P205082

There have been recent robberies of commercial businesses in the 025th District.  The offender enters the establishment and engages the employee in a conversation.  The offender then displays a knife and demands the employee take him to the register at which time he takes money and iPhones.

19 Nov 2020
19 Nov 20 - Community Alert - 12th District Robbery - P203210CA

This alert gives notice to citizens in the 012th District (Near West) on beats 1211,1212, and 1221 of Robbery: Armed Handgun which occurred during the months of October and November. In these incidents, offender(s) approaches victims, displays a handgun and demands victim’s property.

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