Chicagoans are getting the fastest call connection time in the world, approximately 1.2 seconds. Call answering exceeds the State standard of answering 90 percent of calls in less then 10 seconds.

All emergency calls to police and fire are handled by one system, providing better coordination between Chicago’s Police and Fire Departments.

A new 176-mile fiber-optic information highway gives Chicago a complete, secured communication network among all police, fire and other City facilities. This allows for instant transfer of case reports, photos, arrest records and other vital or confidential information.

The system can process 3,000 calls per hour and can handle more than 6.5 million calls annually.

A detailed mapping system, including exact building maps and vital information of the surrounding area, can more rapidly pinpoint a caller’s location. If a caller cannot complete the call, the dispatcher can still send aid because of accurate location information.

If a caller is using a teletype device for the speech or hearing impaired, the information will be transferred to the screen, and the call taker can reply by teletype, saving precious seconds.

Callers needing foreign language assistance are connected within seconds to the AT&T foreign language bank, where translators can handle the 27 foreign languages and dialects spoken in Chicago’s diverse communities.