I am a 26 year veteran of CPD. I was born and raised in Lincoln Park. I am the son of a retired Chicago Police detective, the brother of a retired Chicago Police officer, and the husband of a Chicago Police Sergeant. I graduated from Lincoln Park High School in 1988. I attended Northeastern Illinois University and earned my bachelor and masters degrees from Calumet College. I grew up playing sports, mainly hockey, baseball, and golf. Currently most of my free time is spent on the golf course when I'm not running around with my 5 kids. My vision for the 1st District is to be a place where families from Chicago, the United States, and the world can come and safely enjoy our many attractions. They will be greeted by myself and the officers of the 1st District while they enjoy the sights, dine in the restaurants, or play in the parks. I see myself and the officers in the 1st District engaging our many residents that live in the 1st District from the Dearborn Homes to the Loop, listening to their concerns and coming up with solutions. With this collaboration the 1st District will be a safe and welcoming community.
— Commander David Harris
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