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Community Information
19 Apr 2017

On Saturday, April 15, 2017, at approximately 9:30 p.m., a 6-year-old female was in a grocery store located on the 3900 block of W. Diversey Ave., when a male White Hispanic approached her, motioned her over to him and kissed her on her cheek.

19Apr2017 CORRECTED – Wanted for Crim Sex Abuse (JA226451) 025th Dist


17 Apr 2017

Dear Community Member:

Thank you for attending Cook County’s Community Conversation on the Safety and Justice Challenge. Your input and feedback is invaluable in helping the county adopt sensible criminal justice reforms. A report on what was learned from these forums will be released in May.

The next community conversations will be held at Chicago State University on Wednesday, May 3 at 6:00 pm and at the South Holland Public Library on Wednesday, May 10 at 6:00 pm. Registration is available at Eventbrite for the Chicago State University event here and South Holland Public Library here.

For more information, contact Bryant Jackson-Green, Office of the Chief Judge, Circuit Court of Cook County, (312) 603-2923, [email protected].

3 Apr 2017

About This Crime

On April 3, 2017, at approximately 8:20 p.m. on the 2600 block of S. Wentworth Avenue, an unknown male offender grabbed the 63-year-old female victim from behind, pulled the victim’s pants down and groped her.

3 Apr 2017 Att ACSA (JA211483) 9th Dist CA

1 Apr 2017

About This Crime

On April 1, 2017, at approximately 12:10 a.m., the 26-year-old female victim was walking southbound on the 4600 block of N. Monticello when three offenders approached her from behind and threw her to the ground. Two of the offenders held the victim down on the ground as the third sexually assaulted her. All three offenders subsequently fled northbound towards Lawrence Avenue after forcibly taking the victim’s property.

1 Apr 2017 Sex Assault (JA208737) 17th Dist CA

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