The Expanded Anti-Violence Initiative is a concentrated application of the Chicago Police Department’s long-standing community policing strategy designed specifically to preventand reduce the violence associated with gang activity and narcotics sales. Initially implemented in the 7th Police District (Englewood), the Expanded Anti-Violence Initiative is currently being implemented in the 3rd, 4th, 7th, 9th and 11th Police Districts.

In keeping with the core elements of the Department’s community policing strategy, the Expanded Anti-Violence initiative brings together law enforcement, community residents and stakeholders, and other City department’s and sister agencies to develop, implement and report on comprehensive, multi-faceted strategies to prevent and reduce the most prevalent violent crime problems in the target neighborhoods. All participants are held accountable for doing their part to address the identified problems. Through regular meetings that focus on strategic planning and the responsibility of all participants – law enforcement, residents and other participants – to report on their activities, these partnerships have helped prevent and reduce violent crime.

Another key aspect of the Expanded Anti-Violence Initiative is the integrated involvement of specialized units of the Police Department – including the Narcotics Section, the Gang Intelligence and Enforcement Sections, the Troubled Building Unit, the Vice Control Section. By involving these units directly in the development of strategies and providing direct feedback on the results of there efforts, the Department has succeeded in expanding the more traditional view of implementing its community policing philosophy as a solely Patrol Division responsibility to a Departmental responsibility.

Each meeting of the Expanded Anti-Violence initiative provides the opportunity for all participants to hold each other accountable for implementing strategies to prevent and reduce violence. The Expanded Anti-Violence Initiative focuses on four key areas that contribute to violence in our neighborhoods – law enforcement, community outreach, education and troubled buildings. By allowing opportunities for strategy development and collaboration focused on and across these core areas, these meetings empower residents and other community stakeholders to make a measurable impact on violence in their neighborhoods.

If you would like to learn more about how you can participate in this initiative in the target communities or find out the date, time and location of the next meeting, please contact the CAPS Implementation Office at (312) 745-6212 or e-mail Officer Rafael Yañez at [email protected].

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