More about CAPS

What is CAPS?

The partnership between police and community is the foundation of Chicago’s own philosophy of community policing, known as CAPS — the Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy.

Beat Meetings

Get The Most From Your Beat Meeting

Beat community meetings are a key part of the CAPS strategy of partnerships and problem solving. Topics include:

  • What Are Beat Meetings … And Why Are They Important?
  • Who Conducts Beat Meetings?
  • Always Have A Beat Meeting Agenda
  • Become An Informed Decision-Maker and Problem-Solver
  • Making The Meeting Space Conducive To Problem-Solving
  • Know Your District, Know Your Beat

Beat Meeting Pamphlet

PDF Document of “Getting the Most from Your Beat Meeting” pamphlet

Police Officers Involvement in CAPS

Beat Officers

Who are beat officers and what do they do?

Rapid Response Officers

Who are rapid response officers and what do they do?

Support From Other City Agencies

Why CAPS is a priority for all City agencies, not just the Police Department.