The Safe Passage Program is a combination of opportunities for parents, businesses and residents throughout the City to become involved in the community.

It includes the Safe Haven Program, Parent Patrol and the Walking School Bus Program.

Safe Havens include municipal properties such as police stations, fire houses, and libraries; but, they also include businesses as well. Many restaurants, convenience stores, barber shops and other retail establishments already participate in the Safe Haven Program. More are welcome.

If a child is walking to or from home or school, and for any reason they become alarmed or approached by a stranger, they can find refuge in any “Safe Haven”.

Safe Haven locations are identified by a sign placed in the location’s window. The sign alerts the child that they can find a friendly shelter inside and ask for assistance.

With additional parent patrols around school locations, as well as citizens participating in the Walking School Bus program, which have citizens showing presence throughout neighborhood routes to and from school, we can create a “Safe Passage” for the youth in our City.

Anyone interested in one or all of the above opportunities, please contact the CAPS Implementation Office at 312-745-5900 or the CAPS Project Office at 312-745-5907, Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.