Automatic teller machines (ATMs) have revolutionized the personal banking industry, providing unprecedented ease and convenience. But they have also created new opportunities for thieves and robbers. Here are some tips to keep you and your money secure while conducting all types of banking transactions.

Never walk away from the teller’s window or an ATM with cash still in hand. If you are going to count your money, do so at the window or the ATM. Then take the time to put your money in your wallet and to put your wallet in an inside pocket or pouch before leaving.

Be aware of your surroundings while making transactions at an ATM. If you feel uneasy, end the transaction as quickly as possible and leave the area.

Look around before entering a secured ATM center. Never hold the door open for someone else entering an ATM location. You could be letting in a possible offender.

If someone follows you into an ATM center and you feel uncomfortable, leave right away.

Avoid using ATMs at night.

Fill out deposit slips before beginning your transaction and not in plain view. Complete your transaction quickly.

Use your body as a shield when making a transaction at the bank teller or the ATM.

Keep your Personal Identification Number (PIN) private. Never affix it to your card or keep a copy in the same wallet as your card.

Take all receipts with you. You don’t want to let a potential criminal know how much money you have withdrawn or how much you have in the bank.

Avoid large cash withdrawals.

When making an ATM transaction from your car, be aware of your surroundings. Keep your eyes and ears open, and keep car doors locked.