The Chicago Police Department conducts gun turn-ins at various locations throughout the City of Chicago. This is an opportunity for Chicagoans to turn in any unwanted guns they may have, no questions asked, in exchange for a $100 Visa gift card ($10 for replica guns) that may be used anywhere that Visa cards are accepted. For more information about CPD’s gun turn-in program and to find out about upcoming gun turn-in times and locations, contact the Office of Community Policing at 312-745-5900.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will anyone ask how or where I got the gun?
NO, this is a “NO QUESTIONS ASKED” gun turn-in. The most important thing is that we get the gun off the streets. No one will ask any questions about you or the gun. You will not have to provide any personal information.

Where can I use the Prepaid Visa Card?
At any of the 29 million locations that Prepaid Visa Cards are accepted, except at gun shops. You can use the Prepaid Visa Card to pay for gas, groceries, bills, etc.

How many guns can I turn in?
Every gun brought to a gun turn-in site will be accepted and each gun will receive one Prepaid Visa Card

What happens to the gun after I turn it in?
All guns are destroyed and never returned to the streets.

Can I turn in a BB, replica, or air gun?
Yes, each BB, replica, and air gun will receive a $10 Prepaid Visa Card. However, toy guns WILL NOT receive a Prepaid Visa Card.

Do I have to give my name to Visa in order to use the card?
No, the Prepaid Visa Card works just like any other gift card.

What If I can’t make it to the gun turn-in at the specified time and location?
You can always turn in a gun to a police station or call 911. However, in order to receive the $100 Prepaid Visa Card, the gun has to be turned in during one of our gun turn-in engagements. To find out the date and location of the next gun turn-in, contact the Office of Community Policing at 312-745-5900.

Will I get any money for my bullets, magazines, or holsters?
We will gladly and safely dispose of any and all ammunition and bullets. However, we are unable to give any gift cards for these items.

Can I turn in part of a gun or gun parts for a Prepaid Visa Card?
We will gladly take any gun parts. However, a Prepaid Visa Card will only be given for whole guns, not parts of guns.

How do I get additional information?
For more information, contact the Office of Community Policing at 312-745-5900.