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CPD COMMUNITY ALERT- 9th District Ruse Burglary
3 Feb 2016

This alert gives notice to citizens residing in the 009th District (Deering) of ruse burglary incidents which have occurred during the months of January and February.  Suspect(s) drove around residential neighborhoods looking for elderly persons outside their home or in their homes. Once located, the offender(s) approached a potential victim and claimed to be utility workers, city employees, cable TV technicians or contractors. The suspects then gained entry to the residence using the ruse of checking for a potential alleged problem (water pressure, fuses, wires, pipes, fence line issues, etc.) or needing something (bucket of water, a drink of water, use of the phone, etc.). Once inside the home, one of the suspects kept the victim distracted or lured them outside of the residence to ask a question. Then one or more additional suspects knowingly entered the home and committed the theft, generally targeting cash and jewelry.

03Feb16 9th Dist Ruse Burglary (P16-1-040) CA

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