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CPD Community Alert Wanted forAttempt Kidnapping
9 Jan

CPD Community Alert Wanted For Attempt Kidnapping¬†On January 7, 2016, between 3:00 and 3:30 pm, a teenage female victim was walking east bound in the 5800 block of West Bryn Mawr Ave. The offender, who was driving east bound on Bryn Mawr, stopped his vehicle in the traffic lane in the vicinity of Menard Ave and called out to the victim. The offender then placed his vehicle in park and approached the victim, telling her to “come here” and attempted to grab her arm. The victim pulled away and continued walking eastbound at which time the offender followed her at a distance. The victim continued to Luna Ave where she turned and walked southbound. The offender also drove southbound on Luna, calling out to her in the middle of the block. The offender continued to follow the victim and when she reached the intersection of Luna and Catalpa the offender again exited his vehicle and approached the victim. The victim again rejected the offender’s advances and he returned to his vehicle and fled west bound on Catalpa.