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CPD News Release-Juvenile charges with Possession of Weapon
12 Mar 2018

12 Mar 2018- Juvenile male 17 Charged with Possesion of a weapon
A 17 year old male juvenile offender was charged with one felony count of 
possession of carrying a concealed weapon after he was identified as the offender who threated to bring a weapon to a school located in the 2900 Block of North Hoyne on March 7th, 2018, at approximately 3:00 p.m. The juvenile offender sent threatening text messages to a 16 year old female victim who reported that the 17 year old male allegedly went to the above address after school hours and showed students a gun. With the help of school security, the offender was located by the Area North Gang School Safety Team in the 3100

Block of North Levitt where a firearm was recovered and the offender was taken into custody and charged accordingly. No Further information.