Thank you for visiting the Chicago Police Department’s public comment forum for the De-escalation, Response to Resistance, and Use of Force –Suite of Draft Directives.

As part of our ongoing mission to grow trust within the communities we serve, CPD will take comments from the public on these directives beginning on May 26th, 2023. The comment period will close on June 16, 2023. CPD will consider your comments before finalizing the directives.

Below you will find the suite of draft directives. Please review them and provide your feedback in the space below.  The directives included in this suite are as follows:

  • G03-02: De-escalation, Response to Resistance, and Use of Force
  • G03-02-01: Response to Resistance and Force Options
  • G03-02-02: Incidents Requiring the Completion of a Tactical Response Report
  • G03-02-03: Firearm Discharge Incidents – Authorized Use and Post-Discharge Administrative Procedures
  • G03-02-04: Taser Use Incidents
  • G03-02-05: Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Devices And Other Chemical Agent Use Incidents
  • G03-02-06: Canine Use Incidents
  • G03-02-07: Baton Use Incidents
  • G03-02-08: Department Review of Use of Force

Thank you again for your continued partnership in building a safer Chicago.

G03-02_De-escalation, Response, and Use of Force Suite_DRAFT_26MAY23