Thank you for visiting the Chicago Police Department’s public comment forum for the People with Disabilities directive.

As part of our ongoing mission to grow trust within the communities we serve, from February 1st until April 29th, 2023, CPD invites the community to review and provide feedback on its current People with Disabilities directive. After the comment period concludes, CPD will review the feedback received to inform revisions to the directive. CPD anticipates posting a draft of the updated directive to its website later in 2023 and will invite the community to review the draft and provide additional feedback. CPD will consider your comments before finalizing the directives.

Below you will find CPD’s current People with Disabilities directive. Please review and provide your feedback in the space below.

Thank you again for your continued partnership in building a safer Chicago.

S02-01-01_People with Disabilities_Current_24JUN16

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