Thank you for visiting the Chicago Police Department’s public comment forum for the Use of Social Media policy. This directive establishes guidelines and responsibilities of Chicago Police Department members when using social media outlets. The policy was revised pursuant to paragraph 57 of the Consent Decree which reads, “CPD will continue to prohibit CPD members from posting, displaying, or transmitting content that is disparaging to a person or group based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other protected class on personal social media accounts.”

As part of our ongoing mission to grow trust within the communities we serve, CPD will take comments from the public on the Use of Social Media policy for 15 days beginning on February 07, 2020. This comment period will close on February 22, 2020, and CPD will take public comments into consideration before finalizing the directive. Below you will find the draft of the revised Chicago Police Department Use of Social Media Outlets policy in its entirety. For reference, click here to review the existing policy. Thank you again for your continued partnership in building a safer Chicago.

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