Counseling Services

The Department recognizes that police officers and their families must have a place to go where they can talk about and deal with professional and personal problems without the fear of the Department having any involvement or knowledge. This is why your right to CONFIDENTIALITY is a cornerstone of our programs. CONFIDENTIALITY is protected and maintained (please refer to Department Employee Resource E06-01, as well as state and federal guidelines Rule 501 of the Federal Rules of Evidence, 13 June, 1996 and HIPAA). In addition, we are not required to, and do not keep any files, records, or notes regarding communication or contact with our office.

The Professional Counseling Division/EAP Unit offers a variety of assessment and counseling services including:


Mental Health Services

Individual | Marital | Family | Couples | Groups | Trauma Services

  • Licensed therapists, who specialize in working with law enforcement, provide confidential and privileged individual, couple, and family counseling
  • Suicide awareness training, consultation, intervention, and treatment
  • Group counseling on various topics
  • Trauma debriefings and recovery
  • Grief counseling
  • Stress and anger management
  • Professional issues counseling and consultation
  • State certified addictions counselors provide assessment, counseling, meetings, and program placement options for treatment
  • Peer support
  • Trainings on various topics on issues that law enforcement experience
  • Twenty-four hour crisis intervention (312)743-0378
  • Hospital and home visits for injured Department members
  • Referrals to psychiatry, when necessary
  • Referrals to outside specialists/programs, when needed for teens and adults
  • Referrals for financial counseling
  • All services are free to Department members, spouses, and their children


Financial Counseling

For problems dealing with financial issues please call (312) 743-0378 for a referral or visit the National Association for Debt Education and Assistance website at

Contact Information: โ€‚ Phone: (312) 743-0378 โ€‚ Pax: 0578 or 0580