22 Aug 2020

CPD Community Alert-Armed Robberies 12th District (Near West)

Categories: Community Alerts

This alert gives notice to the residents in the 012th district of recent burglaries on Beat 1215. The offenders entered through a first floor window (unlocked) or removed a window unit air conditioner. While inside, the offender took any items of value that can be easily carried; computers, gaming systems, shoes, airpods, alcohol, prescription medication …

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20 Aug 2020

CPD Business Alert-Robberies 24th District (Rogers Park)

Categories: Business Alerts

This alert gives notice to businesses in the 24th District (Rogers Park) of recent robberies. In these incidents, two to four offenders entered a convenience store.  One of the offenders made a small purchase and tendered money for the purchase.  The offender then displayed a black handgun and demanded money. The offenders also took tobacco …

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