Chicago Police Department Online Meetings

CLEARmeeting is a revolutionary application which assists the Chicago Police Department and the public to create an easier, safer, and more convenient way to work towards bring our communities together.

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Through this application, members of the Chicago Police Department will be able to host a meeting online. In these meetings, there will be a host that will coordinate a meeting by scheduling and posting upcoming meetings online. Once this has been done all registered CLEARpath users will receive an e-mail giving them the meeting details such as the topic and the time of the meeting.

Attendance of the meeting will be granted on a first come first server basis. Users will have an opportunity to log into the system 15 minutes prior to the start time of the meeting. Once inside the meeting the participants will be allowed to join in the discussion using a live chat interface.

Additional features will include live streaming video of the presenter (only on selected chats), Power Point presentations, as well as having access to downloadable documents supplied by the host of the meeting. Users of CLEARpath can at anytime refer the scheduling page to see the upcoming and event previous meeting events.