Creating a Department that is better for both our officers and the communities we serve means putting into place policies that are based on national best practices as well as input from our members and the public. It also means providing rigorous training to our officers on those policies to be sufficiently prepared for the many situations they may face.

This year, CPD finalized its revised use of force policy that, for the first time in our history, was subject to two public comment periods and numerous meetings with the public and police officers to get their opinions on how to make a policy unique to Chicago. We are supplementing this policy with multiple rounds of training that will also include scenario-based courses so that our officers can apply these policies in practical situations.

We will continue to evaluate and implement policies and training that will allow us to keep our officers safe and to provide better service to the city.

A rendering of the new Police-Fire Training Academy that will be built in the West Garfield Park neighborhood.

Reforms Completed

Reforms In Progress

  • Improvements to the Field Training Officer (FTO) training curriculum
  • Additional training for Procedural Justice
  • New Police/Fire training facility