Thank you for visiting the Chicago Police Department’s public comment forum for the Accountability Suite of Directives – Conduct of Misconduct Investigations Policy Drafts.

Policies included in this suite:

  • G08-01-01 Complaint and Disciplinary Definitions
  • G08-01-05 Department Member Bill of Rights
  • S08-01-01 Log Number Case Management System
  • S08-01-02 Investigation Timelines and Benchmarks
  • S08-01-03 Communication Procedures and Timelines
  • S08-01-04 Initial Investigatory Responsibilities In Log Number Investigations
  • S08-01-05 Conducting Log Number Investigations
  • S08-01-06 Supervisor Responsibilities in Log Number Investigations
  • S08-01-07 Command Channel Review
  • S08-01-08 Post-Investigation Log Number Procedures
  • S08-01-09 Requirements of a Complete Log Number Investigative File

As part of our ongoing mission to grow trust within the communities we serve, CPD will take comments from the public on these policies beginning on June 13th, 2022. The comment period will close June 28th, 2022. CPD will consider your comments before finalizing the directives.

Below you will find the drafts of each policy. Please review these and provide your feedback in the space below the policies.

Thank you again for your continued partnership in building a safer Chicago.

G08-01-01_Complaint and Disciplinary Definitions_DRAFT_13JUN22

G08-01-05_Department Member Bill of Rights_DRAFT_13JUN22

S08-01-01_Log Number Case Management System_DRAFT_13JUN22

S08-01-02_Investigation Timelines and Benchmarks_DRAFT_13JUN22

S08-01-03_Communication Procedures and Timelines_DRAFT_13JUN22

S08-01-04_Initial Investigatory Responsibilities In Log Number Investigations_DRAFT_13JUN22

S08-01-05_Conducting Log Number Investigations_DRAFT_13JUN22

S08-01-06_Supervisor Responsibilities in Log Number Investigations_DRAFT_13JUN22

S08-01-07_Command Channel Review_DRAFT_13JUN22

S08-01-08_Post-Investigation Log Number Procedures_DRAFT_13JUN22

S08-01-09_Requirements of a Complete Log Number Investigative File_DRAFT_13JUN22