CPD IMR-2 Progress Overview


In March 2017, the Chicago Police Department released its Next Steps For Reform framework, which set forth an ambitious agenda for 2017 on a wide range of reforms including community policing, training, use of force, manpower and supervision, and the related issues of transparency and accountability.

In the document below, you will find a detailed outline of our progress so far, as well as expected completion dates for our reform efforts that are still in progress.

Many of the challenges addressed by this framework are years – sometimes decades – in the making and therefore cannot be fixed overnight, or even in a single year. CPD is committed to a multi-year transformation effort focused on providing officers with best in class training as well as the tools necessary to implement 21st century policing practices in Chicago.

CPD is also committed to ensuring that the multi-year transformation effort values community participation, transparency, accountability and the highest degree of professional conduct. To advance this effort, CPD will engage in a multi-year planning process in 2017 that will build a roadmap to address many of the findings of both the Department of Justice as well as Mayor Emanuel’s Police Accountability Task Force (PATF).

The main elements of the Framework for Reform for 2017 include:

  • Better Community Policing
  • Better Training
  • Improved Manpower and Supervision
  • Revised Guidance on Use of Force
  • Transparency and Accountability

The Next Steps for Reform framework is not intended to be a detailed project plan. A detailed project plan is in development within CPD and will be used to drive toward accomplishing the broad objectives identified by this framework in 2017.

To help manage these wide-ranging reform efforts, CPD has been working with the Civic Consulting Alliance to provide project management and strategy support. CCA is an independent, non-profit organization that works, on a pro-bono basis, to support government agencies taking on large-scale change efforts.

Next Steps for Reform Update - 082517