As the Department implements new policies aimed at providing better service, one of our main priorities is to hold ourselves accountable to the public in a system that is fair, transparent, and maintains the highest standards of professionalism that Chicago police officers represent.

In addition to the reforms we have already put into place, and have planned for the future, we will continue to evaluate and improve our processes to ensure Departmental integrity and consistency.

Reforms Completed

  • A Department-wide standard for accountability in sustained allegations against officers – This will ensure that disciplinary measures that are implemented will be fair and consistent for all members
  • Reinvigorated Training of Internal Affairs Investigators to provide Internal Affairs staff greater  tools for more comprehensive investigations
  • Revised Internal Affairs’ Operating Procedures – Includes recording all interviews – Nine CPD directives were modified to address the findings of the U.S. DOJ, two of which have already been put into place.

Reforms In Progress