Members of the Chicago Police Department developed a technology integration application called Citizen and Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting (CLEAR). CLEAR provides an unprecedented amount of information about criminal offenders in Chicago and Cook County. CLEAR makes this data available throughout the State and our neighboring states. Please consider this a personal invitation for your agency to become a CLEAR data sharing partner.

The documents in the registration packet inform your agency of how to apply for CLEAR access. The strength of the CLEAR Data Warehouse is it’s ability to quickly search a database of over 3 million arrests with as little as a suspect’s nickname, tattoo, street name or any other data variable on file. With each computer “hit” the suspects’ criminal history record and arrest mugshot photographs can be printed.

Chicago Police Department staffers have been directed to reach out to all criminal justice agencies as part of Chicago’s Criminal Justice Integration Project so that agency executives can view this data-sharing tool for themselves. The purpose of this initiative is to enhance public safety throughout Chicago, the State of Illinois and the Midwest. There is no fee for accessing CLEAR data.

Since there is a need to maintain security and ensure that criminal history records and confidential police records are only disseminated to authorized criminal justice agency personnel, each agency chief must complete and return two documents: a signed Security Requirements Agreement and the CLEAR Administrator Form.


Contact our CLEAR Inter-Agency Liaison at (312) 745-5083