I have always said that the Department is only as strong as the faith that the community has in it, which is something that did not escape me while making a determination in this matter, especially given the tragic loss of life. My recommendation was based on my review of the facts of the case and whether the actions of a reasonable officer in this situation were in compliance with the law and CPD policy. The law requires that I have to determine if those actions were objectively reasonable at the time force was used without the benefit of hindsight.

In light of the fact that the protective order in this case, which was sought to protect the deliberative process between CPD and COPA has been lifted, I am releasing the letter I wrote to COPA. I remain committed to making CPD an agency that every Chicagoan can be proud of and you have my word that we will provide information in this matter to the extent we are able to do so.

– Superintendent Eddie Johnson

** Please note the letter contains some redactions to protect private information of witnesses.**