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11th DIstrict
3 Jul 2018
03 JUL 2018 - Police Involved Shooting - 4700 block of West Fulton
17 Apr 2018

17 Apr 18-Business Alert-11th District-Robbery- Delivery Drivers
There have been two robberies of delivery drivers in the 011th District (Harrison). These robberies have occurred on the same block by two offenders. In the first robbery, the offenders grabbed the food from the victim, while in the second robbery a weapon was displayed and the food was then taken by the offenders.

9 Feb 2018

08 Feb 18-Community Alert-11th District Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault Child

Between September 24, 2017 and October 07, 2017 at approximately 4:00pm, an

unknown masked male offender grabbed a 12 year old female from behind as she

exited a neighborhood convenience store. The offender pulled her into the alley on the

700 block of N. Lawndale. He sexually assaulted her for 20 minutes and then fled

toward Ridgeway.