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12th District
10 Jul 2018

10 Jul 18 12th District P18-1-204CA Hijacking in 012 CA
This alert gives notice to residents of the 012th District (Near West) of recently reported aggravated vehicular hijackings on beats 1214 and 1232.  In one incident a valet driver was parking a vehicle when he was approached by two offenders who displayed handguns, struck the victim, took the victim’s phone, and stole the vehicle.  In the other incident, the victim parked a car and was approached by 5 offenders.  One displayed a handgun; all entered the vehicle and fled the scene.

30 Jun 2018
30 Jun 18- Business Alert -Commercial Burglaries - 12th District P18-1-191 BA

This alert gives notice to businesses in the 12th District of burglary related incidents which have occurred during the month of June. In two incidents, the offender(s) entered by prying open exterior doors. The offender(s) took a safe and money.  In two other incidents, the offender(s) entered a mailroom and stole packages.