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16th District
5 Jan 2019

05 Jan 19 - Business Alert - Robberies of Taxi Drivers - 16th and 17th Districts
There have been three recent armed robberies of Taxi-Cab Drivers in the 016th and 017th Districts.  In each of these incidents the taxi driver was dispatched to pick up a fare and then the driver picked up multiple male subjects. During the ride, the offenders displayed a handgun and demanded money and property from the victim. The offenders took property from the victim and then exited the taxi-cab and fled on foot. In the incident on Christiana Avenue, the offenders took possession of the victim’s taxi-cab and drove it away from the scene.

31 Dec 2018

31 dec 18-Community Alert-16th District Harassmant of a minor
This alert gives notice to a recent incident of harassment of a minor that occurred within the boundaries of the 16th District (Jefferson Park).  In this case, the victim was walking eastbound on Carmen Ave from Milwaukee Ave when the male offender followed the victim for approximately 3 blocks.  The offender maintained a distance of approximately 150 feet.  When the offender lost sight of the victim he began walking into residential gangways and yards searching for victim.

12 Dec 2018

12 DEC 18- 016th District Motor Vechile Theft Community Alert (CA-P18-N-311)
This alert gives notice to the residents of the 16th District (Jefferson Park) of several Motor Vehicle Thefts that have occurred. In these incidents, unknown offender(s) took the victim’s vehicles which were legally parked on the street, in some incidents the victim’s left the cars running to warm up.

11 Dec 2018

11 DEC 18- 016th District Community Alert Wheel Rim Thefts (P18-N-308)
This alert gives notice of recent thefts of rims and/or tires that have occurred in the 016th District. In these incidents, the offender(s) committed these acts while the vehicles were parked on streets during overnight hours.  In most incidents the victim’s vehicles were left resting on cinder blocks or paver blocks.

5 Dec 2018
05-Dec-18 Catalytic Converter Thefts 16th District (Jefferson Park) P18-N-302(CA) --NP

Numerous catalytic converter thefts have been occurring throughout Chicago and the 16th District. After a catalytic converter has been removed, the vehicle will sound loud and “gravelly” when started. Catalytic converter thefts typically occur at night or during very early morning hours and when vehicles are parked for prolonged periods in areas accessible to thieves. In these incidents, an unknown offender(s) cut and removed the catalytic converter from vehicles.

8 Nov 2018
08 Nov 18 Community Alert - Robberies 16th District (Jefferson Park) and 25th District (Grand Central) NP

This alert gives notice to citizens residing in the 16th and 25th District of recent robberies that have occurred. In some incidents, the offender approached the victims from behind and snatched their cellphone and/or purse. In other incidents, the offender struck the victims and then forcibly took their cellphone and/or purse from their grip. In one incident the offender displayed a handgun to commit the robbery.

5 Nov 2018

This alert gives notice to the residents of the 16th District (Jefferson Park) of several residential burglaries that have occurred. In these incidents, unknown offender(s) have entered apartments and residences, through front and rear doors, where some were left unlocked. The offenders have taken electronics, jewelry, cash, lawn care equipment and other miscellaneous items.  05 Nov 18 - Residential Burglaries 16th District

29 Oct 2018
29 OCT 18 - Community Alert- Residential Burglaries 16th District (Jefferson Park) -NP

This alert gives notice to residents in the 16th District (Jefferson Park) of several residential burglaries that have occurred in the month of October. These incidents have taken place on Beat 1634, within the boundaries of Belmont Ave. to Irving Park Rd. and Cicero Ave to Long Ave. In these incidents, the unknown offender(s) gained entry by forcibly kicking or prying open the front, rear or side doors. The offender(s) also gained entry through windows. The offender(s) then took the victims’ property.