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16th District
31 Mar 2018

This alert gives notice of recent Thefts of rims and tires that have occurred in the 16th District. In each incident, the offenders are committing these acts while the vehicles are parked on residential streets during overnight hours.  In most cases the victim’s vehicles are left resting on cinder blocks or paver blocks.  Incident times and locations are listed below:31 Mar 18-Community Alert 016th District Theft-Over $500

4 Dec 2017

04 Dec 17 CHILD LURING 016 District - JA536324
On December 04, 2017, at approximately 2:15 p.m., the female juveniles were outside of a school located on the 5200 block of North Oak Park Ave when a dark-colored SUV pulled alongside.  The driver stated to the victims “come here” after which the victims fled and informed a member of the school staff.   The vehicle then drove off southbound on Rutherford Ave.

3 Dec 2017


About This Crime

On December 02, 2016, on the 7100 block of N. Harlem at approximately 4:00 p.m., two female juveniles, age 14 and 15, were walking on the sidewalk when two unknown male offenders in a black four door pickup truck attempted to engage them in conversation and coax them into the truck.

3 Dec 2017 Child Luring (JA533953) 16th Dist