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17th District
2 Nov 2019

01 Nov 19 - Community Alert - 17th District Robbery - P19-3-287CA
This alert gives notice of two recent robberies that have occurred in the 017th District. In both incidents, the offender demanded the victims’ wallet and then took property from the victims. In the first incident, the offender fled in a dark gray Lexus SUV. In the second incident, the offenders fled in a four-door red vehicle.


14 Oct 2019

14 Oct 19 - Community Alert - 17th District Burglary - P19-3-267CA
This alert gives notice of recent apartment burglaries that have occurred within the boundaries of the 017th District. In all of these incidents, the offender entered the apartment through a window. In two incidents, the offender took property from the apartments. In one incident, the victim saw the offender inside of the apartment and the offender fled on foot without taking any property.