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17th District
16 Feb 2019

This alert gives notice of recent burglaries that have occurred within the boundaries of the 17th District (Albany Park) on beat 1732. In each incident, the unknown offender entered the apartment through the door or through a window and then took property.16 Feb 19-17th District Residential Burglaries

5 Feb 2019

05 FEB 19- Community Alert- 017th District- Robberies (p19-n-035ca)
This alert gives notice of recent related robberies that have occurred within the 017th District (Albany Park). In both of these incidents offender(s) approached the victims and demanded property from them. In these incidents, the offender(s) implied that they had a handgun or they struck the victim(s) and took their property.

24 Jan 2019

24 Jan 19-Community Alert-17th District Motor Vehicle Thefts
This alert gives notice to recent Motor Vehicle Thefts that have occurred within the boundaries of the 17th District (Albany Park) on Beat 1712. In three incidents, the victims left their vehicle running with the keys in the ignition in front of their home or in a business parking lot. In the other three incidents, the victims parked their vehicles on the street near their homes and then when they returned to their vehicle they discovered that their vehicle had been stolen.

22 Jan 2019

22 Jan 19 - Community Alert Motor Vehicle Thefts - 17th District -P19-N-020CA
This alert gave notice to recent Motor Vehicle Thefts that have occurred within the boundaries of the 017th District (Albany Park) on Beat 1732. In all of these incidents, the victims parked their vehicles in a parking lot and then discovered that their vehicle was stolen upon returning to the vehicle. In both incidents that occurred on Addison Street, there is video footage of a dark-colored tow truck towing the vehicle from the parking lot. The agent/manager from the parking lot confirmed that they did not authorize or order the tow.


5 Jan 2019

05 Jan 19 - Business Alert - Robberies of Taxi Drivers - 16th and 17th Districts
There have been three recent armed robberies of Taxi-Cab Drivers in the 016th and 017th Districts.  In each of these incidents the taxi driver was dispatched to pick up a fare and then the driver picked up multiple male subjects. During the ride, the offenders displayed a handgun and demanded money and property from the victim. The offenders took property from the victim and then exited the taxi-cab and fled on foot. In the incident on Christiana Avenue, the offenders took possession of the victim’s taxi-cab and drove it away from the scene.

24 Dec 2018
24 Dec 18 - Community Alert Wanted for Attempt Child Luring 17th District (Albany Park) JB561356 NP

On Thursday, December 20, 2018, at approximately 3:15p.m., an 11-year-old female juvenile was walking home from school.  Upon walking northbound on the east side of Drake Ave., she was approached by a White or White Hispanic male driving an unknown white van with splattered yellow paint markings on the passenger side of the vehicle.  An unknown person lowered his passenger side window and signaled her to come to him with his hand while saying “come here” with the intention of luring her to him. The victim did not engage in conversation and fled to safety.  The unknown person fled northbound in the vehicle and then turned westbound on Elston Ave.

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