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18th District
11 Apr 2019

11 Apr 19-18th District Seeking to Identify
Area Central Detectives are seeking to identify the above 2 pictured subjects in relation to an aggravated battery that occurred in the 018th District (Near North). This incident occurred at 10 E. Chicago Ave. on 7 April 19 at 3:17pm. The above 2 pictured subjects entered a restaurant, were disruptive to customers and employees and were asked to leave the restaurant. After a verbal altercation with security, the 2 pictured subjects, battered security. The 2 pictured subjects struck security on the head with a glass bottle and punched him several times about the head and body.

5 Apr 2019

This alert gives notice to residents of the 018th District of recently reported burglary related incidents on Beats 1821 and 1831. In each incident, the offender(s) forces entry into bars/restaurants through the front/rear door and enter the premises. Once inside, the offender(s) removes liquor and leaves the area.

05 Apr 19 - Business Alert - 18 Distirct Burglary - P19-1-112
21 Feb 2019

21 Feb 19 Business Alert - Burglary - 19th & 18th District P19 CWP-007
This alert gives notice to two recent Forcible Entry Burglaries of businesses. In both of these burglaries, two offenders entered the business with the use of a pry tool / crow bar. The offenders then took beauty products and cosmetics. The offenders then fled the area, in at least one instance, a white or silver pick-up truck.

12 Feb 2019

12 FEB 19- Community Alerts 018th District Auto Thefts P-19-1-047
This alert gives notice to residents in the 018th District of motor vehicle thefts that have occurred. In each of the incidents, the victim’s vehicle was parked and/or unoccupied, running with the keys in the ignition. An unknown offender drove up, exited dark colored Lexus or SUV, and entered the victim vehicle and drove away