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22nd District
12 Apr 2019

11 Apr 19 - CA Garage Burglary 22nd District
This alert gives notice to residents of the Morgan Park (22nd) District of recent garage burglaries that have occurred in the Beverly neighborhood on beats 2211 & 2221. In these incidents, an unknown offender has forcibly entered residential garages taking snow blowers and lawn equipment from within.  The offender made entry by prying open the side entry door.  Incidents occur during late night / early morning hours.

26 Mar 2019

26 Mar 19 Community Alert 22nd District Residential Burglary
This alert gives notice to three recent residential burglaries that have occurred within the boundaries of the 22nd District (Morgan Park) in the Beverly neighborhood on beats 2221 & 2213. In these cases, an unknown offender entered houses and removed jewelry and small electronics from within.  The area targeted is the 9200-10200 blocks between Hoyne & Winchester streets.  The offender entered two residences through a window and one residence by kicking open a front door.


21 Feb 2019

21 Feb 19 - Community Alert - (Theft from Auto) 22nd District
This alert gives notice to residents of the Morgan Park (22nd) District of recent theft from vehicle and motor vehicle theft incidents that occurred in the Beverly neighborhood. Unknown offender(s) have been walking during the early morning hours, pulling on car door handles. When the offender finds an unlocked vehicle, they enter the cars taking property from within. Incidents occur between 12am-6am.  Two of these vehicles had car keys inside of them, which led to the offender stealing the car.

15 Feb 2019
15 Feb 19 - Business Alert - Armed Robberies 8th District ( Chicago Lawn) & 22nd district (Morgan Park) 19-CWP-005 (BA) NP

This alert gives notice to businesses in the 8th District (Chicago Lawn) & 22nd District (Morgan Park) of recent armed robberies which occurred on beats 831, 835, 2211 & 2221.  In these incidents, a male offender, wearing a mask, entered small retail stores, or fast food restaurants, displayed a handgun and demanded money from the register.

8 Feb 2019
08 Feb 19 - Community Alert- Aggravated Battery with a handgun 22nd District (Morgan Park) NP- JC144006

Area South Detectives are seeking to identify the above vehicle pictured, and its occupant(s). The vehicle was used in an aggravated battery with a handgun in which a 1-year-old child was struck in the head. The aggravated battery occurred in the 9900 block of S. Throop St. on February 7, 2019 at approximately 5:26 p.m.