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5TH District
2 Dec 2018
02-Dec-18 Community Alert Robbery Theft 5th District (Calumet) P18-2-104 NP

This alert gives notice to the residents and restaurant business owners in the 5th District of recent robberies/thefts of food delivery drivers that have occurred particularly on Beat 533. In these incidents, the unknown offender(s) called for food delivery and when the delivery person arrived, one to three offenders snatched the victim’s cell phone and money and fled or battered the victim and took his property.

25 Nov 2018

25 Nov 18 - Armed Robbery Community Alert 5 and 7th District
This alert gives notice to two recent Armed Robberies that have occurred within the boundaries of the 5th & 7th Districts. In these cases, victims had just purchased televisions from big box stores located in the Pullman & Auburn Gresham neighborhoods.  When victims were unloading their vehicle at their residences, three male offenders exited a vehicle, displayed handguns and took the merchandise.  It is possible the offenders followed the victims from the store parking lots, after watching them load the televisions into their cars.

19 Nov 2018

19 Nov 18-Community Alert-5th DistrictThefts
This alert gives notice to the residents of the 005th District that offender(s) utilizes mobile applications, Offer up and Letgo, to lure the sellers to a location for the purpose of purchasing an iPhone. The offender then asks to inspect the iPhone at which time the offender snatches the phone and runs off without paying for it.

19 Nov 2018

19 Nov 18-5th District Residential Burglary
This alert gives notice to the residents of the 005th District that there has been a steady increase in residential burglaries on Beat 511.  Unknown offender(s) gain entry via side/rear window or kick in the side door/rear door to gain access


7 Nov 2018
07 Nov 18 - Community Alert- Wanted for Attempt Kidnapping NP

On November 7, 2018, at approximately 9:40 a.m. an unknown male driving a black minivan with tinted windows and a broken driver side taillight, observed a 15-year-old female victim walking by herself to school. Another unknown male exited the van and told the victim to get in the van. The victim ran away towards a safe passage worker and the van fled the scene when the offenders saw the victim telling the safe passage worker what happened.

30 Oct 2018

30 Oct 18 - Wanted for Attempt Kidnapping - Community Alert 005th
On October 30th, 2018 at approximately 3:30 p.m. a female juvenile was walking in the 500 block of E. 112th St when an unknown male white driving an SUV pulled alongside of the victim and asked her if she needed a ride. The victim replied no and quickly ran away. The victim related that this vehicle drove away in an unknown direction. The victim did not recognize this male white and has never observed him before this incident. This incident occurred in the 005th District Calumet.


16 Oct 2018
16 Oct 18 Community Alert -Residential Burglaries 5th (Calumet) NP

This alert gives notice to residents in the 5th District (Calumet) of four recent residential burglaries that have occurred in the Roseland neighborhood. In these incidents, an unknown offender entered the residences and took property from within.  In three of these incidents, the offender entered through a window.

28 Sep 2018
28 SEP 18 5th District Community Alert- Aggrvated Armed Robbery Vehicular Hijacking CA P18-2-077

This alert gives notice to citizens residing in the 5th District of recent related Aggravated Vehicular Hijackings that have occurred. In these incidents unknown offender(s) approached the victims, produced handguns, demanded their personal property, and the keys to their vehicle. The offenders then drove away with the victim’s vehicle.

27 Sep 2018
27 Sep 18 - Community Alert Garage Burglaries- 5th District(Calumet) P18-2-078

This alert gives notice to residents in the 5th District (Calumet) of recent garage burglaries that have occurred in the West Pullman neighborhood on beat 523. In these incidents, the offenders forcibly entered the residential garages and took property within.  The offenders made entry through the side entry door.