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5TH District
16 Oct 2018
16 Oct 18 Community Alert -Residential Burglaries 5th (Calumet) NP

This alert gives notice to residents in the 5th District (Calumet) of four recent residential burglaries that have occurred in the Roseland neighborhood. In these incidents, an unknown offender entered the residences and took property from within.  In three of these incidents, the offender entered through a window.

28 Sep 2018
28 SEP 18 5th District Community Alert- Aggrvated Armed Robbery Vehicular Hijacking CA P18-2-077

This alert gives notice to citizens residing in the 5th District of recent related Aggravated Vehicular Hijackings that have occurred. In these incidents unknown offender(s) approached the victims, produced handguns, demanded their personal property, and the keys to their vehicle. The offenders then drove away with the victim’s vehicle.

27 Sep 2018
27 Sep 18 - Community Alert Garage Burglaries- 5th District(Calumet) P18-2-078

This alert gives notice to residents in the 5th District (Calumet) of recent garage burglaries that have occurred in the West Pullman neighborhood on beat 523. In these incidents, the offenders forcibly entered the residential garages and took property within.  The offenders made entry through the side entry door.

11 Sep 2018
11-Sep-18 Wanted for Homicide -- 1st degree murder JB381079

Area South Detectives are seeking help from the community in identifying the offenders who committed a recent murder.  The incident occurred in the 13000 block of S. Drexel Ave. in Beat 533. The offenders entered a courtyard and one of the offenders discharged a handgun, shooting and killing a 50-year-old male. Another victim was also shot and injured in this incident.

6 Jul 2018

05 JuL 18 - 005th District- Community Alert- Attempt Abduction kidnapping
On July 5, 2018 at approximately 9:05am, a male black offender drove past a 16 year old female, blew his horn and circled the block in an effort to get the 16 year old girl’s attention. This is the third occurrence of the incident. The same vehicle and driver drove past the 16 year old girl and blew the horn and stared at her on June 26, 2018, and June 28, 2018.

4 Feb 2018

4 Feb 18- Community Alert 022 and 005 Vacant Burglaries
This alert gives notice of recent burglaries to vacant properties located within the boundaries of the 22nd & 5th districts in the Washington Heights and Roseland neighborhoods. In these cases, unknown offender(s) have been breaking into vacant and rehab houses taking appliances from within