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5TH District
4 Apr 2017
This alert gives notice to citizens of the 5th District, on beat 512 and 513 that multiple fires are occurring. The offender uses available materials contained within the garbage cans in alleyways, bulky refuse items or leaves are ignited. In some cases, the fire has communicated to the garage. The offender was seen in the vicinity of 10400 block of South Calumet Ave. For More Information Click Here
16 Feb 2017
This alert gives notice to citizens in the 5th District of recent armed robberies. In these incidents, the offender enters a location, armed with a chrome handgun, orders the victims to the ground and takes property from victims/cash register. The offender flees the scene on a bicycle. In one reported incident, the offender approaches the victim on the street, armed with a chrome handgun, demands the victim’s property and flees the scene on a bicycle. For More Information Click Here
14 Feb 2017
This alert gives notice to restaurant businesses in the 5th District of recent armed robbery incidents, wherein, restaurant delivery drivers have been robbed at gunpoint. During these incidents, the driver arrives at a delivery location, the offenders approach from the side of the residence brandishing a blue steel/black handgun demanding property from the driver. For More Information Click Here
1 Jan 2017

CHICAGO – On January 1, 2017, at approximately 2:20 a.m., 5th (Calumet) District Officers heard gunshots near the vicinity of 12000 S. State St. before observing a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed fail to stop at a stop sign, prompting Officers to immediately activate their emergency equipment and curb the vehicle. As Officers approached, the vehicle again sped off, southbound on State St. Officers reentered their CPD vehicle and followed the lone male subject as he drove on the sidewalk for several blocks. The fleeing vehicle subsequently struck a car in traffic, as well as a parked car, and then caromed into the pursuing CPD Officer’s vehicle. Officers quickly extracted themselves from their vehicle, in which the air-bags had deployed, and approached the offender, who was still seated in his car. As Officers approached the offender, they issued several verbal commands ordering the subject to exit his car. The offender ignored Officers and began to make furtive movements in the driver’s compartment. As the Officers engaged the offender in an effort to physically remove him from his vehicle, the offender resisted and struggled with them, eventually breaking free of one of the Officer’s grasp. Believing the offender had a gun, an Officer subsequently discharged his service weapon, striking the offender multiple times. The offender was immediately transported to an area hospital. Two Officers involved were also transported to an area hospital where they were treated and released for non-life threatening injuries sustained during the traffic collision.

1 Jan 17 – Police involved shooting 12500 block of S

1 Dec 2016


Chicago Police Department
Eddie T. Johnson Anthony Guglielmi
Superintendent Director
312-745-6110 · 3510 South Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60653 · Fax 312-745-6999
For Immediate Release Contact: Office of News Affairs
December 1, 2016 312-745-6110
The Chicago Police Department will conduct a Roadside Safety Check in the Calumet (5th) District
at 11800 S. Halsted. The Roadside Safety Check will commence at 7:00 p.m. on Friday,
December 2, 2016 and end at 3:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 3, 2016.
During roadside safety checks, police officers slow down traffic, stop cars at regular intervals and
watch for drivers who show signs of alcohol impairment and other violations as noted below.
This program is conducted year round to ensure drivers are operating their vehicles safely. This is
part of an ongoing strategy to keep the city streets safe for Chicago’s residents and commuters.
The Roadside Safety Check conducted in the Shakespeare (14th) District at North Avenue and
Albany Avenue, on October 14-15, 2016 resulted in the following:
Driving Under the Influence 2
Driver’s License Violations 15
Insurance Violations 4
Traffic Violations (Other) 9
Total Citations 30
Vehicles Towed 7
# # #

26 Sep 2016

Burnett was arrested after he was identified as one of the men who fired shots in the 11900 block of S. Indiana Avenue on September 25, 2016 at approximately 5:57 p.m.  The victim was sitting on a porch when two male offenders approached and fired shots, not striking the victim. Officers in the area heard the shots and responded to the scene. As the officers arrived they observed Burnett pick up two handguns and flee on foot.  After a short foot pursuit, officers placed Burnett into custody and recovered two 9MM handguns. Burnett was identified as the person who fired shots toward the victim and was charged accordingly.  No further information is available at this time.

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