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6th District
10 Jan 2019
2 Jan 2019

01 Jan 19- Ross, Christopher Charged- Robbery Pattern
Ross was taken into custody on January 1, 2019 at 3:30 am in the 11200 block of S. St. Lawrence after he was observed in possession of a car key belonging to a stolen vehicle wanted in connection with an armed robbery pattern documented in a Community Alert from the 4th and 6th Districts.  The offender was taken into custody and charged accordingly. No further information is available at this time.

31 Dec 2018

31 Dec 18-Community Alert-4 and 6 District Armed Robberies
This alert gives notice to recent armed robberies in the South Chicago and Auburn Gresham neighborhood on beats 632, 634, 423 and 431.   In these incidents the victims were approached by 3-4 male black offenders at which time offender #1 produced a handgun demanding any money/property from the victims.  The other offenders would then go through the victims pockets taking USC, cell phones and wallets.  They are last seen fleeing on foot and then jumping into a Red Ford F150 pickup truck bearing IL license #1549586B which has previously been reported stolen.

31 Dec 2018

31 Dec 18 - MAIU 76th and king drive
On Sunday, December 30th, 2018 at about 9:14 p.m., a male pedestrian was struck by a vehicle in the intersection of 76th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. The pedestrian suffered life-threatening injuries. The vehicle failed to stop at the scene to render aid and exchange information. Reportedly, the vehicle is a grey in color, 2-door, 2018 Dodge Challenger. The front bumper with front grill parts were left on the scene. The front bumper had Illinois license plate #AY65420 still attached. If found, the vehicle is to be held and preserved for possible interior evidence. The vehicle may or may not still have the rear license plate attached. The Chicago Police Department needs the help of the community to solve this Hit and Run.

28 Dec 2018
28 Dec 18-Community Alert-Attempt CSA-6th District

This alert gives notice to residents of an attempted criminal sexual assault that occurred in the 6th District (Gresham).  On December 28, 2018, the victim was attacked when she exited her residence to leave for work. The offender approached the victim from behind and placed her in a choke hold while trying to remove the victim’s clothing.  The offender fled eastbound in the south alley of 83rd St.

21 Dec 2018

21 Dec 18-Community Alert-6th and 7th District Aggravated CSA
This alert gives notice to an Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse that occurred in the 6th District (Gresham).  In this incident a female victim was accosted and brought into a gangway at gun point where she was sexually abused and robbed. In addition the offender attempted to carry out an aggravated criminal sexual assault at this time but the attack was interrupted by a citizen passing by. This caused the offender to flee the area Westbound on 75th St. from Green St.  The offender made off with the victim’s purse, which contained two Samsung cell phones.

8 Dec 2018
08-Dec-18 Wanted for Attempt Kidnapping 6th District (Gresham) NP

This alert gives notice to a recent Attempt Kidnapping that occurred in the 8700 block of S. Princeton Ave. within the boundaries of the 6th District (Gresham) on Beat 634. In this incident, the juvenile victim was retrieving a newspaper, near his front door, when the offender approached from behind, put a hand over the victim’s mouth, and stated “You’re coming with me”.  The victim was able to fend off the aggressor who then fled on foot.

4 Dec 2018
04-Dec-18 Residential Burglaries 6th District (Gresham) P18-2-106(CA) NP

This alert gives notice to seven recent residential burglaries that have occurred within the boundaries of the 6th District (Gresham) in the Chatham neighborhood. In these cases, an unknown offender entered the apartments and removed televisions and other electronics from within.  The offender made entry by kicking in a door.  Incidents occurred in the daytime while residents were at work.  The area targeted is between the 7900-8300 blocks of Cottage Grove Ave. to Greenwood Ave.

18 Nov 2018

18 Nov 18-6th District Community Alert-Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault
This alert gives notice to citizens of the 006th District (Gresham) and of Beat 621 regarding a recent Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault which occurred on November 18th, 2018 at 3:30 a.m. A 57-year-old female was walking to the Red Line under the viaduct on 78th St between Wallace Ave and Fielding Ave when she was approached and sexually assaulted at knifepoint by a masked offender who threatened to kill her. Offender also stole the victim’s bank and debit cards, her Illinois I.D. and U.S. Currency.

10 Nov 2018
10 Nov 18 - Business Alert -Armed Robberies 6th District (Auburn Gresham) & 7th District (Englewood) NP

This alert gives notice to three recent armed robberies at retail stores in the Auburn Gresham and Englewood neighborhoods on beats 614 and 711. In these incidents, two unknown offenders entered the retail stores, armed with a gun, and announced a robbery.  The offenders then took an unknown amount of US currency from multiple cash registers and also, possibly, robbed customers of their property. The offenders were last seen fleeing on foot.