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Community Policing
23 Feb 2015

About the Crime:
Robberies of businesses have occurred where the offender enters and demands
money from the cash register while armed with a small revolver.

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23 Feb 2015




A big thank you to the 20 parents from James Shields Elementary School who partnered with the 009th District CAPS Office to join the CAPS Parent Patrol. This is a volunteer program where parents are trained by Chicago Police on how to organize and communicate with each other when helping children get to and from school.

6 Jan 2015

Officers from the 24th District and Peterson Garden Project hosted a holiday cookie workshop for area seniors.




The 007th District partnered with “Blessed Child Organization” this past weekend for their annual Toy Drive. Santa Claus, along with volunteers from Girl Scout Troop #27097, helped to pass out gifts and spread some holiday cheer to the children of Englewood and their families.




The 010th District celebrated the holidays with their Annual Christmas party for children living in shelters that are located within the District. Enlace, The Flisk Family Foundation and 010th District Officers participated with generous gifts, food and entertainment for a successful event for all involved.




9 Dec 2014

About This Crime
Offenders using the same number have been contacting victims and telling them a relative has been in an auto accident. The offenders then tell the victim they are holding the relative until they receive money for medical expenses. The offenders threaten to harm the relative if they do not wire them money. In some instances the offenders state they are Latin King gang members. The offenders attempt to keep the victims on the phone long enough for them to wire money to Puerto Rico. In some cases the offenders have the victim give them a relatives name and phone number. Those relative’s are then called being told they are holding the first victim until money is wired. Although the offenders’ phone number’s appear local, it is believed that the calls originate in Puerto Rico. There are also other cases where no money was wired.

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1 Dec 2014

Congratulations to the newest graduates of the Citizens Police Academy! 33 nominated community members took part in a nine-week course that includes topics such as an Overview of the Chicago Police Department, Organized Crime and Academy Physical Skills. A new class will begin in Spring 2015.

25 Nov 2014

A special course through the Citizen’s Police Academy gives community members nominated across the City a taste of what it’s like to be a Chicago Police Officer. The goal of the program is to inform members of the community everything that goes into the Department.

The course is 9 weeks and meets once each week for three-and-a-half hours. It offers overviews of topics like Procedural Justice and Physical Skills. Participants learn about the mental and physical work necessary to be a police officer, and they get an opportunity to be hands-on and learn handcuffing, takedowns, and go through an obstacle course.

It truly is a small sampling of what officers experience. The classes feature the department’s organization, and technology and demonstration of the topics. Community members are given the opportunity to ask questions of the presenters. Presenters are from various units within the department such as Organized Crime, Investigative Services, Patrol, Internal Affairs, and more.

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