Compliment an Officer

  • Please let us know if a member of the Chicago Police Department has gone above and beyond the call of duty. We welcome all feedback. If you have a compliment please complete the form below. A Department Member may followup with you in an effort to identify the Officer(s). Additional information may be needed so the Officer(s) can be recognized for their excellent service.


    Please enter as much detail as possible about each Officer involved in the interaction. Any information entered will help us identify the officer(s) involved in the incident so they can be recognized.
  • Please include Star #'s, Beat / Car #'s or additional Officer information here if available.
  • Please take a moment to let us know about a positive interaction you had with the Officer. If you believe the Officer(s) did an outstanding job let us know. We look forward to receiving your compliments and will use them to recognize our members.