For whatever reason, some people may not feel comfortable using either 9-1-1 or the police non-emergency number 3-1-1 to report information regarding crimes. That’s why the Chicago Police Department created various telephone hotline numbers as another option for reporting information.

These hotlines protect the anonymity of the caller and help simplify the process of reporting crime information. The hotlines are easy to remember and require only that you leave a message, give information, or state the purpose of your call — all without having to identify yourself or your location.

However, the hotlines should never be used to report crimes in progress or other emergency situations. 9-1-1 is the appropriate number for these situations.

Anti-Gun Enforcement

Telephone: (877) CPD-GUNS (273-4867)

Bomb & Arson Hotline

Telephone: (773) 533-FIRE (3473)

CAPS Implementation Office

Telephone: (312) 745-5900

Drug Hotline

Telephone: (800) CRACK44 (272-2544)
TTY: (312) 747-3673


Telephone: 911
TTY: 911

Gang Hotline

Telephone: (312) 746-GANG (4264)
TTY: (312) 746-4276


Telephone: 311 (within city limits)
Telephone: 312-746-6000 (outside of city limits)
TTY: 311