Online Bicycle Registration

The Chicago Police Department urges you to register your bike with us. Registration can help us recover your bike if it is lost or stolen. Click here for the new online registration process that went live in 2017. Users of the older registration database will need to re-register as a new user. You will not need to re-enter old registrations. For more information click on Bike Registration FAQ.

Chicago’s New Bike Share System

Divvy is Chicago’s bike sharing system with 4,000 bikes and 400 stations across the city. Intended to provide Chicagoans with an additional transportation option for getting around the city, Divvy is fun, easy, and affordable.

Chicago Bike Maps

Download the Chicago Bike Maps in English and Spanish.

McDonald’s Cycle Center

A wonderful facility built for bicycle commuters and another step toward Chicago’s goal of becoming the most bicycle-friendly city in the country.

Two frequently-asked questions about bikes:

1. I heard the City of Chicago auctions off unclaimed and abandoned bikes. Where can I find information about these auctions?

The auctions are managed by Ace Auctioneers and include bicycles as well as other merchandise. All merchandise is sold as is and on a cash-only basis. You can visit the Ace Auctioneers website,, for the auction schedule and location. If you have questions not answered on the website, call Ace at 773.583.3111 and leave a message.

2. I locked my bike to a bike rack (or parking meter, sign post, etc.) yesterday evening, and when I came for it this morning it was gone. Could the City have removed it, or was it stolen?

Unfortunately, it was probably stolen. Before the City removes a bike, it attaches a placard to the bike indicating its intention to remove it. The removal is not done for at least seven days, to give the owner ample time to move the bike or at least to contact Bike Program staff. Therefore, if your bike disappears overnight or in just a few days, it was not removed by the City. In that case, we recommend you call 311 to report it stolen. If you registered your bike, it increases the chances that we can recover it.