Alcohol Assistance Program

Alcoholism is a devastating and progressive, fatal illness, which can take a tremendous toll on an individual and their family members. The Alcohol Assistance Unit was established to provide a viable alternative and linkage with treatment programs to effectively confront this disease and other addictions.

Trained sworn personnel work with individuals in every aspect of recovery. The unit offers Department members and their families who have alcohol problems, a confidential, objective, and nonjudgmental resource to which they can voluntarily seek advice, support and guidance.

The Department recognizes alcoholism as an illness that can potentially have negative effects on an individual’s life including health, family relationships, and career.

If any part of your life is being negatively affected by alcohol, drugs, or gambling, take advantage of the services offered.

In addition to support and referral services, the Alcohol Assistance Program holds regularly scheduled meetings for police and family members who are suffering from alcoholism, as well as family members of the alcoholic.

No Cop Outs

Partners and Families of No Cop Outs

Alcoholics Anonymous

Al Anon/Teen


Contact Information:   Phone: (312) 743-0378   Pax: 0578 or 0580