No Cop Outs

No Cop Outs is a meeting place for police officers who are experiencing difficulties in their life – or want to change their life because of alcohol and related addictions.

Everyone is welcome at No Cop Outs regardless of rank, gender, race or religion. Attendance at a No Cop Outs meeting is entirely voluntary and confidential. There are no records of attendance or membership. Members disclose only what they care to tell about themselves. By attending a No Cop Outs meeting, you will be offered friendship and understanding, and support from police officers who have walked the walk. Police officers have had their lives positively turned around by becoming part of No Cop Outs. All that is needed is a desire to change.

Not Sure? Need someone to walk into a meeting with you? Need some questions answered? For more information please call 312-743-0378 These are the Employee Assistance Program personnel, who can answer your questions. They are police officers who have been there and back.