The Chicago Police Department has released the first draft of recommendations developed by the Superintendent’s Community Policing Advisory Panel, as part of the Department’s continued reforms efforts to rebuild trust with residents in every neighborhood of the city.

The recommendations were crafted based on what Panelists learned from listening to Chicago residents, faith leaders, CPD officers, civic leaders, academic researchers, advocates, high-ranking law enforcement officials from an outside Police Department and CPS students.

The draft recommendations are the foundation on which the Police Department will build, expand and invest in community policing.

Intrinsic to the community policing process is collaboration and cooperation with the community itself.

To support collaboration and transparency, CPD will post the draft recommendations online for a 30-day public comment period. In addition, the Panel recently hosted three Town Halls where residents provided valuable in-person feedback on the recommendations and their personal insights on how the Department can strengthen community policing.

Through the recommendations of the panel, and with engagement and input from residents, community policing will be the guiding philosophy of the Department and help make Chicago safer for everyone. Please add your thoughts, comments and suggestions below.


Add your thoughts, comments and suggestions below

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