As part of our commitment to the impartial policing reforms mandated by the consent decree, our officers will have the clear policy, training, and direction needed to provide equal protection of the law for all Chicago residents.

Our officers will comply with department policies related to officer response to allegations of sexual assault, sexual abuse, stalking, and domestic violence.

The prohibition of sexual misconduct by CPD members will also be clearly defined in department policy.

CPD will incorporate the concept of impartial policing into its annual in-service training for all officers, including supervisors and command staff.

The topics covered during impartial policing training will include procedural justice and cultural competency training to ensure officers recognize the specific history and racial challenges in the city of Chicago.

In order for our policies to be truly effective, they must reflect the input, feedback and shared experiences of the communities we serve.

Join us in making CPD a better department for all of Chicago.