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17 May
CHICAGO – CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson addressed community members and police officers today to announce the Department’s new set of use of force policies, which emphasizes sanctity of life, de-escalation and accountability. The new set of policies is based off of feedback from two public comment periods, numerous community meetings and officer and supervisor focus groups. The policies provide clear direction for officers when the use of force is permitted and the Department will engage in an accelerated training schedule to ensure that every officer has the comprehensive training and support necessary to implement the policy.
“CPD’s new use of force policy represents a major step forward for the Department, reflecting national best practices and input from officers and the community to truly be called a policy created by Chicagoans for Chicagoans,” said Superintendent Johnson. “It is among the first examples of what I consider to be the vital partnership we need in our city where officers and residents work together to shape how we make our streets safer.” For More Information Click Here
12 May
This alert gives notice to residents of the 16th District (Jefferson Park) of recent residential burglaries that have occurred. In these incidents, unknown offender(s) have entered apartments and residences, through doors and windows. The offenders have taken electronics, jewelry, computer laptops, cash and other miscellaneous items. For More Information Click Here
3 May
This alert gives notice of two recent Armed Robberies that have occurred within the boundaries of the 17th District (Albany Park). In both incidents, the victims were standing at CTA Bus Stops when they were robbed. In one incident, the offenders displayed a handgun and took the victim’s wallet. In the other incident, the offender placed an object against the victim’s back and took his wallet. For More Information Click Here
2 May
This alert gives notice to citizens in the 7th District (Englewood) of recently reported armed robberies involving similarly described offenders. In each incident, the offenders approach the victims seated in their vehicles. A firearm is ultimately produced and the victim is robbed of their personal belongings. For More Information Click Here
26 Apr

On April 24, 2017, the Chicago Police Department partnered with the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, AAA, the Illinois State Police,, the National Safety Council, the Illinois Insurance Association, supporters from the private sector, and almost 300 law enforcement/fire agencies throughout Illinois, in support of the first-ever Illinois Distracted Driving Awareness Week and the National Campaign.

Until April 28th, the Chicago Police Department will be conducting Distracted Driving Missions all along Lake Shore Drive.  The goal of these missions is to educate motorists on all aspects of Distracted Driving through strict enforcement for those found to be using a handheld device while operating a motor vehicle.  Additional enforcement will also focus on speed violations that go hand and hand with distracted driving.

Distracted Driving Missions are funded by a grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and administered through the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).

26 Apr 17- Distracted Driving Missions