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7th District
26 Sep 2019

26 Sep 19 - Community Alert - 7th District Theft - P19-2-119CA
This alert gives notice to residents of the Englewood neighborhood of recent thefts of catalytic converters. The incidents have occurred throughout various hours of the day. The offender(s) cuts the catalytic convertor from underneath the vehicle. The victims then discover the theft once they start their vehicles at later time.

9 Aug 2019

09 Aug 19 - Community Alert - 7th District Robbery - P19-02-100CA
This alert gives notice to four recent armed robberies in the Englewood neighborhood on beat 713, 724, 726 and 732. In these incidents, the victims are doing rehab work at a vacant house.  The offender(s) walks in, displays a gun and announces a robbery.  The offender flees on foot with the proceeds.  In all four incidents, the victims were Hispanic.


3 Aug 2019

03 Aug 19 - Community - 3rd & 7th CTA Related Robberies
This alert gives notice to citizens residing in the 003rd and 007th Districts of robbery related incidents which have occurred during the month of July.  In these instances, the offenders approach victims on CTA property and take property by force.  In two instances, the offenders approach under the guise of asking for a light or attempting to sell loose cigarettes. These incidents have occurred in the geographical locations listed below: