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Month: March 2023
30 Mar 2023
30 Mar 23 - Community Alert - 12, 14, 25th Districts - Armed Robberies - 23-CWP-016

About the Crime: 

This alert gives notice to residents of the 012th, 014th, and 025th Districts of aggravated and armed robberies, in which the victims are all approached by the offenders who either imply that they have a weapon or actually produce black and gray handguns and then state “do you wanna get shot, give me everything you got” whereupon they take their personal items.  Victims relate that offenders exit front and backseats of a Black Hyundai Tucson or Black Jeep Renegade and then are robbed. Offenders then get into listed vehicle and flee the area. Victims relinquish their cellphones, purses, jewelry, and wallets containing cash.

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