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22nd District
12 Apr

12 Apr 18 P18-2-031CA Auto Theft 22nd District
This alert gives notice of recent Auto Thefts that have occurred in the Washington Heights neighborhood on beat 2223. Victims have been leaving their cars running to warm them up in the morning hours.  Unknown offenders have been targeting the vehicles which are left unattended and running.  There have been seven vehicles taken recently in the area between the 9100-9900 blocks of Halsted to Eggleston streets.

10 Apr

10 Apr 18-Garage Burglaries 22nd District
This alert gives notice to residents of the Morgan Park (22nd) District of recent Garage Burglaries that have occurred in the Beverly neighborhood on beat 2213. In these incidents, offender(s) have forcibly entered residential garages taking property.  In the most recent incident, two male offenders were observed attempting to break into a garage using a pry tool.

4 Feb

4 Feb 18- Community Alert 022 and 005 Vacant Burglaries
This alert gives notice of recent burglaries to vacant properties located within the boundaries of the 22nd & 5th districts in the Washington Heights and Roseland neighborhoods. In these cases, unknown offender(s) have been breaking into vacant and rehab houses taking appliances from within

18 Jan

18Jan18 22nd District CA Commercial Burglary
This alert gives notice of recent Burglaries to businesses that have occurred within the boundaries of the 22nd District (Morgan Park). In these cases, the below described offender made entry to closed businesses by breaking the glass front door, or prying the rear door.  The offender enters the establishments taking cash registers.  Break-Ins occur between the hours of 3:00am and 6:00am.


14 Dec

13 Dec 17 - Juvenile Offender Charged in Off-Duty PO Robbery
A male juvenile is in custody after being identified as the offender in the attempted armed robbery of an off-duty Chicago Police Officer.  The incident occurred on December 1, 2017 at approximately 7:04 p.m. in the 10100 block of S. Bell.  On that date, the offender approached the 53-year-old male victim on the sidewalk and demanded his money while armed with a handgun.  During the incident the victim discharged his weapon.  The offender fled on foot and was later located and placed into custody on December 13, 2017 at approximately 12:10 p.m. in the 7300 block of S. Carpenter St.  No injuries were reported and the offender was charged accordingly. No further information is available at this time.